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Garhmukteshwar is a place of hoary antiquity, mention being made of it in the Bhagvat Purana and the Mahabharata. It is said that it was a part of the ancient city of Hastinapur (the capital of the Pandavas). There was an ancient fort here which was repaired by a Maratha leader named Mir Bhawan and was in so good a condition when the British took possession of the place that it was found possible to locate the tahsil in it without incurring much expense on alteration. The name of the place is derived from the great temple of Mukteshwar Mahadeva, dedicated to the goddess Ganga who is worshipped here in four temples, two suitated on a high cliff and two blow it. The one close to the Meerut road has a well , the water of which is believed to be so sacred as to cleanse the since of those who bathe with it; near it are eighty sati pillars, marking the spots where Hindu widows are said to have become sati. There is in the town a mosque buikt by Ghayas-ud-din Balban bearing an inscription in Arabic with the date 682 Hijri (1283 A.D.).